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Screen for your preferred Crypto trade.

Scan through the entire market looking for the right coin to buy based on technical indicator and more....

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Latest Daily Close Crossover Latest Daily

Latest Hourly RSI (14) Crossover 40

Latest Daily MACD(12,50,10) Greater than 3 Day ago Daily MACD(12,50,10)

Latest Hourly Volume Greater than 10 X Latest Hourly SMA(10,Volume)

Latest Hourly RSI (16) Greater than 1 Hour ago Hourly RSI(16)


No more waiting in front of monitor or mobile screen 24X7, to find the right crypto trade position. Get alert as and when it happens.

More than 6 Technical indicator to screener

SMA, EMA, Bollinger Band, RSI, MACD and Stochastic Indicator and many more to come.
In Addition use price and Volume change to find the Pump and Dump in the making.

Screen thru multiple Time frame such as hourly or daily changes

Get alert by Email, Telegram and Mobile App :-)

Create Infinite Combination

Use condition such as Greater than, less than, cross above and below to combine and create endless amount of screener query.